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Project No.3. „Biophotonics: imaging, diagnostics and monitoring”. Scientific leader Dr.habil.phys. Jānis Spīgulis.

March 9th, 2015 | Posted by Tamara Laimina in Uncategorized


  • November/December 2014: preparation and approval of project documentation, resource planning, task definitions, updates of experimental equipment, overview of recent publications on the project topics. Enhanced studies in activity A1.1.a (snapshot mapping of skin chromophores), results as a 3-page Technical Digest submitted to the prestigious OSA congress „Optics in the Life Sciences”.
  • January 2015: Project team extended to 6 persons, focusing on activities A1.1.b (infrared photoplethysmography imaging), A1.1.c (skin studies in the 1-2 micron spectral range) and A1.3.d (SkImager updates and improvements). Results submitted to the international conferences „Developments in Optics and Communications” and „Northern Optics and Photonics”.
  • February 2015: Participation at the word’s largest photonics event „Photonics West” including the BIOS symposium on Biophotonics. Presentation of the project results at the 73rd Scientific Conference of University of Latvia and at the scientific seminar of Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy. Report at the congress „Optics in the Life Sciences” accepted by OSA.


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