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17.03.2016. 09:00 Seminar presentation 2nd part of the project no.3

March 10th, 2016 | Posted by Tamara Laimina in Uncategorized

17.03.2016. 09:00 Seminar presentation, 2nd part of the project no.3 „Biophotonics: imaging, diagnostics and monitoring” of the National Research Programme „Cyber-physical systems, ontologies and biophotonics for safe&smart city and society.” (SOPHIS). Venue: UL Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy. Šķūņu street 4, 4th floor auditorium


9:00-9:15 „Introduction: goals of the project and tasks for the 2nd period”  (U.Rubīns).

9:15-9:30 „Prototype device for rapid mapping of skin chromophores at laser illumination” (A1.3.a, U.Rubīns, J.Zaharans).

9:30-9:50 „Prototype device and software for non-contact monitoring of skin blood flow pulsations under near-infrared illumination” (A1.3.b, U.Rubīns, E.Kviesis-Kipge).

9:50-10:10 „Prototype device for assessment of skin moisture and its distribution in the infrared spectral range, clinical tests” (A1.3.c, I.Saknīte, G.Tunēns).

10:10-10:30 „Improvements of the multimodal skin imaging prototype device „SkImager” (A1.3.d, E.Kviesis-Kipge, O.Rubenis).

10:30 Discussion

10:45 Coffee break

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