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Seminar on the development of project Nr.2.

July 8th, 2015 | Posted by Agris Šostaks in Uncategorized

On July 8, 3 pm Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science will host a seminar in auditorium 210 , titled: „Development of ontology-based knowledge engineering technologies suitable for web environment” as part of the “Cyber-physical systems, ontologies and biophotonics for safe&smart city and society” (SOPHIS), a program funded by the National Research Program.

1. Ontology-based modelling technologies and tools for knowledge analysis suitable for web environment(IMCS) – J.Bārzdiņš, A.Šostaks, E.Rencis, M.Grasmanis, A.Sproģis
2. Ontology-based methods for mining semantics of natural language. (IMCS) – G.Bārzdiņš, D.Goško, P.Paikens.
3. Semantic web technologies for knowledge formalization, reuse and sharing. (FCSIT) – J.Grundspeņķis, V.Graudiņa, M.Kirikova, A.Novickis
4. Novel data query and visualization methods and related challenges for web environment. (FC) – J.Bičevskis, G.Arnicāns, Ģ.Karnītis

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